Audit employees, stores, machines, etc.
with the flexible AuditHere app.


  • Gorgeous, intuitive navigation
  • One-tap, touch-optimized UI
  • Simple audit setup
  • Custom built & branded app for your Enterprise AppStore

Flexible Audits

  • Yes-No, Yes-No-N/A
  • Text response
  • Numeric response (# keypad)
  • Multi-option select
  • Single-option select
  • Rating (5-star)

Advanced Design

  • Master questions to simplify reporting and enable question-variations (multiple languages, etc.)
  • Branching questions based on previous question response
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  • App Slide
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Robust capture & Sharing

  • Take & attach photos for contextual clarity
  • Share audit results from device as PDF


  • Secure login & data transmission
  • User audit permission management
  • Corporate ActiveDirectory integration

Customer Input

  • Request new features, functionality, and connectors
  • Fully transparent product roadmap
  • Participate in focus groups aimed at product-improvement


Tired of manually printing and filling out audit forms? Are your notes getting lost in the shuffle and your reports inconsistent?

Filling out paper audit forms and manually faxing them back for data entry is time consuming, inefficient and inaccurate.

Additionally, this approach provides no efficient tracking, making it difficult to determine the impact of audits. Are audits only being completed for compliance, and are challenges really being fixed? Are effective followup actions defined and closed out?


Now with AuditHere, simply tap to answer questions, attach pictures and add comments. The easy-to-use app guides you along the way to ensure completeness.

The result is super-efficient auditing with 100% accuracy, the ability to aggregate and review structured data however you see fit (via a web-based reporting dashboard) and the ability to update and add audits on the fly.

Reporting enables tracking of key metrics to assess impact and measure improvement.

Connected to your Enterprise

We setup connectors to your user directory then configure employees, stores, equipment or other sources of items to audit. The connectors are mapped into the app’s admin so the structure links to the audits and data updates occur automatically. All this is backed by 100% database-driven cloud-hosted Enterprise-grade architecture designed to work both on and offline.

In addition, connectors can be developed to send audit results and actions to your Enterprise backend systems for execution and followups.

AuditHere is delivered as a company specific app that you can destribute via your Enterprise app store. Brand it with your colors and deliver it according to your security and distribution policies.

Manage it all

AuditHere provides an easy-to-use web-based admin that lets you add audits and assign permissions across your organization. Easily update survey questions and ensure the right people have access.



Report and Analyze

The web-based reporting dashboard provides access to key insights for your audits. Drill down in your data however you see fit—within or across districts or regions, over time or per manager or employee. The possibilities are limitless.


National Retailer

District managers personally audit dozens of stores each, traveling to each store to perform the audit.

Prior to adopting Propelics’ AuditHere, auditors couldn’t view audit history or even compare week-to-week results! Now they’re able to create individual plans for each store, complete with action items and follow-up progress reports.

Audit-results entered into the device go directly into the store database for action. Regional managers can compare district managers’ stores, and corporate managers can compare regions. Failure and loss trends can be quickly analyzed to implement fixes at any level.


Terracon needed to mobilize their Safety Audits to both improve their accuracy and speed the delivery of safety-violation alerts to upper management. Additionally, they wanted to capture overall reporting of safety performance to improve safety for employees and to demonstrate safe practices to their customers.

They use AuditHere to provide audit questions that cover general safety issues, fall protection, scaffold training, tools and equipment, etc.

Safety audits logged through AuditHere can inform individual employee performance and training decisions and provide an overall picture of the safety-state throughout an entire organization.

Get started now!

AuditHere requires only a low upfront investment and is offered at multiple pricing-tiers to fit your budget all with included ongoing updates.


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