Ditch Paper for Mobile Audits

Are you the kind of person who enjoys carrying around heavy, bulky binders while conducting complicated audits? How about inputting endless data into a spreadsheet until your eyes can no longer focus? Have you ever spent hours trying to organize (or find) documents in an overstuffed filing cabinet? Regardless of how you answered (those questions were rhetorical anyway), it’s time to finally start using the right tool for the job. Ditch paper for mobile audits and enjoy the full potential of everything mobile devices and mobile applications can do to simplify the process of auditing your business.


Mobile technology has already revolutionized our lives in so many ways. Mobile devices and mobile applications aren’t just tools for content consumption: e.g. surfing Facebook, watching videos and reading news. They’re not only transforming the way we capture and view information; today, they’re indispensable to the way we work. They’re the means in which we conduct our daily business and carry out critical transactions on the go. And not surprisingly, they can help make your enterprise auditing more efficient and productive.


But what is it exactly that makes mobile audits so much better than traditional audit media? How can going mobile possibly help you inspect your business more effectively to ensure it is up to snuff? Well, the answer can be broken down into 3 components:  Convenience, Accuracy, and Central Management.

First, let’s talk about the convenience of going mobile. Shlepping notebooks, clipboards, and overstuffed binders to track inventory or survey employees is obviously tedious and cumbersome. Scrawling down notes with pen and paper can be awkward, messy, and insecure. Important data may be literally lost, damaged or illegible.  This is where the value of mobile devices and mobile applications is apparent and brilliant.  No longer weighed down by excess, you can audit your business easily, with the power directly in the palm of your hands.


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets let you ditch paper altogether, making it physically easier to move around quickly, efficiently and cleanly.  Why would you opt to carry a heavy backpack when something small and light can just as easily fit in your pocket, satchel or purse?


“Life is too short to carry unnecessary burdens. Mobile devices provide the freedom to move around quickly, efficiently and cleanly.”


An Enterprise Auditing application like AuditHere provides all the convenience of mobile devices along with the latitude and versatility required to conduct audits efficiently. All while giving you the comfort of Enterprise-Level Security. With the ability to create reusable custom surveys that let you choose from a variety of response types (i.e. Yes-No, Numeric, Free Text, Multi-Select, Rating etc.), you can easily audit your business by simply swiping, typing or tapping. With all that a mobile app has to offer, why would you continue to deal with the time-wasting hassle of scribbling notes on paper? Besides, how many times have you scrawled down notes you were later unable to decipher, despite that it’s your own handwriting? We’ve all been there. Now imagine when someone else has to decipher your notes! Ever inputted bad data because the content provided was unclear? Of course, you have. The inability to guarantee comprehension of written data collected during the auditing process makes ensuring the accuracy of that information impossible. This leads us to the second benefit of mobile devices and mobile applications: accuracy.
The beauty of mobile devices and mobile applications is they not only allow content to be captured easily, they also ensure it is captured accurately. With no risk of the human error that normally results from someone having to interpret and enter data multiple times, the intelligence collected has a far higher probability of being accurate.  This increased accuracy translates to more precise insights into your business, giving you the power to make better-informed decisions that will greatly impact your bottom line and ultimately help you achieve your end goal.


Another huge issue when it comes to paper audits is: where does all the data get stored? In a filing cabinet? Or somewhere it is likely to get lost? It’s all about location, location, location.  And with mobile audits that location is accessible right from the palm of your hand, via your mobile device—thus bringing us to the third benefit of going mobile: central management.


Storing data and sharing the results of your audit has never been easier. It’s as simple as sending an email from your phone. Plus, you’re no longer tied to your desktop when you need to access current and historical audits. All that data can be accessed conveniently in real-time from your mobile device.


It’s simple. Abandoning the use of paper for mobile auditing is a no-brainer. With the convenience, accuracy, central management and real-time accessibility provided by mobile devices and a mobile auditing application, you can drive your business to new levels of greatness. The time is now to make the change to better your business. Ditch paper once and for all.  Go mobile.