Top 4 Benefits of Mobile Enterprise Audits for Employees

It goes without saying that employees are a hugely valuable aspect of any enterprise. And performance-tracking is a highly effective means of motivating them. Several areas of employee performance and behavior may be measured in this manner, including sales performance from the regional to district level, safety—such as compliance with procedures, proper use of equipment, and educational training to ensure employees know how to operate at their best. Assessing these aspects of employee performance may be effectively accomplished via an enterprise mobile employee auditing app.
Surveying and auditing employees via mobile has several advantages: firstly, with mobile audits you can meet employees where they are: be it on the construction/job site, factory floor or customer facility. This enables the right questions to be asked in the right place and context. It also enables the collection of on-the-ground information that wouldn’t be captured otherwise. For example, if you’re capturing employee safety performance, mobile auditing makes it possible to take a photo of the safety procedures being adhered to, or of the possible violations for remediation. This data can be instantly, and automatically, transmitted back for review and action.

An additional benefit of mobile employee audits is their ability to capture quantitative structured data regarding employee performance and actions. Oftentimes when performing assessments, survey design isn’t considered in a structured manner. As a result, the feedback is very ad hoc, making it difficult to compare employees from various districts or even to track a single employee’s performance over time. A mobile auditing tool makes it possible to setup structured yes/no questions, set predefined multi-selects, etc. This provides data that is ripe for reporting and analysis.
What good is an audit or survey that’s cumbersome to complete? Audits and surveys can be setup and configured in an easy-to-use mobile form factor for employee and manager’s Apple and Android phones. A few taps and swipes are all it takes to capture the analysis data and transmit it back to a secure, central server. Capturing the necessary info (without taking up valuable employee time) just couldn’t get any easier!
Lastly, don’t confuse its easy-to-use form factor with primitive architecture. Rest assured, these apps have enterprise grade architecture under the hood. A small form factor can mean big results. For example, a mobile auditing solution can offer advanced permissions mapped to an enterprise active directory. In this way, employees see only the surveys they are meant to see. This also simplifies administration as group structure is maintained and synced to an active directory via a connector. Surveys can then be mapped to these groups and everything updates automatically. In addition to advanced permissions, a true enterprise mobile auditing system can use active directory, single sign-on, etc. to enable employees to login with their enterprise credentials. Further, the app can be easily distributed via an enterprise app catalog to quickly get the app into employee hands via a familiar interface. With the right data and an optimized structure, the system may also be easily accessed via a feature-rich data access API. This enables import of employee audit data into business intelligence reporting tools such as Tableau or Qlik.
Considering all the benefits of mobile enterprise audits: being able to meet employees where they are, capture data in a structured manner, deliver audits and surveys in an easy-to-use form factor, coupled with their powerful enterprise features, empowers the enterprise to gather and track copious data around employee actions and performance. This leads to better insights and the opportunity to move the needle by making educated changes to improve the business.